Jireh is a “family in business” ─ the Willemse families are involved in the business but they also involve experts for tasks which require specialists. The family will find the right person for the section that needs to be managed. Our philosophy is that when people are more skilled than we are and more passionate about a certain section, then they will help take our business forward.

At the helm of Jireh are the identical twin brothers Johan and Pieter Willemse. Although similar in many ways, the two brothers are focused on different aspects of the business. Johan is in charge of administrative tasks, crop farming, planning and the marketing of grain, while Pieter is in charge of staff, livestock and the marketing of wool, meat and milk.

Both emphasise their efforts in establishing a contented labour force, which is dependent on the dignity in which labourers are managed. Education and training are also a priority for the empowerment of their employees.